What could go wrong?

The-girls-book-coverTeenage girls slavishly following the whims of a charismatic older man, squatting on an abandoned film set and stealing cars to trick out for the upcoming race war apocalypse, all while tripping out of their minds on enough LSD to cause permanent brain damage? I mean really, there’s no way this could go wrong. Definitely good life choices being made.

One of our Titles on Tap members chose Emma Cline’s hit novel of last summer, “The Girls,” a fictional account of a teen who joins the Manson family in the 1960s. At first drawn in by a group of apparently carefree hippie girls, Evie Boyd’s new life of counterculture communal living soon turns to a chaotic cult experience. This psychological novel about the consequences of the desire for belonging and approval was a Publisher’s Weekly Best Book of 2016, and is sure to spark good discussion.

Copies of the book and audiobook are available to pick up at the Reference Desk. Grab a copy and join us at Napper Tandy’s on Tuesday April 25 at 7:30 pm. And think Spring! Maybe it will even be warm enough for us to claim the back deck. Cheers!


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