Unintentional but perfect

howibecameafamousnovelistI mean, yeah I totally planned it that way!

When I chose November’s book, “How I Became a Famous Novelist,” I spaced on the fact that November is National Novel Writing Month (aka NaNoWriMo). Since this book is all about how to write a novel (albeit one that’s a shallow jumble of clichés), it’s perfect! So, if you’ve been struggling to get your novel published and you need a good laugh at the expense of the publishing industry and best-seller list-squatters, pick up a copy and join us 11/24 (next Tuesday!) at 7:30 pm at Napper Tandy’s in Norwood.

willstarlingsignatureofallthingsAlso, get ready for a Titles on Tap first at our next meeting: we’re voting on the next title! We’re skipping December and will be meeting again on January 26th, plenty of time to knock out a longer book than usual. Our two contenders are “The Signature of All Things” by Elizabeth Gilbert and “Will Starling” by Ian Weir. Give them both a look and cast your vote at our November 24th meeting. I’ll have copies of both at the Reference Desk if you want to give them an in-depth look.

Can’t make it on 11/24? Cast your vote by commenting on this blog post or by tweeting @titlesontap!


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