“When it comes to revenge…

Horns…the devil is in the details.” GREAT tagline for our September book, “Horns,” by Joe Hill.  Fun fact – Joe Hill is the pen name for Stephen King’s son (see the resemblance?). Also, “Horns” was made into a movie in 2014, and I for one am holding out to finish the book before I watch the film.

The set up: Ignatius and his girlfriend are ready to live happily ever after when she is murdered and he is damned by public opinion as the perpetrator. Ig blacked out that night and he has no idea – the cops can’t prove it, but maybe he did kill her. Everyone is so sure he’s a monster that one day Ig actually starts to become one, he turns into the devil himself. Along with a new set of horns, Ig finds people confiding their darkest secrets to him, and he can persuade people to do things they wouldn’t normally do (but that maybe they want to do). Can he use his new abilities to find out who killed the love of his life and prove his innocence?

I’m hooked! Pick up a copy of the book or audiobook at the Reference Desk and join us at Napper Tandy’s on Tuesday September 22 at 7:30 pm!


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