“The Shining Girls”

ShiningGirlsI just started reading our book for May 26th, “The Shining Girls” by Lauren Beukes, and it is gooood. Creepy and dark, but one heck of a page-turner. Harper, a man living in 1931 and already one sick puppy, discovers a way to travel back and forth through time. The price: kill the shining girls. Kirby, a young woman living in 1992, survives. As she starts to piece together the clues of a serial killer who shouldn’t exist, she realizes the only way to save herself is to hunt him. Watch these trailers to get a sense of the book, and check out the book’s website to learn more about the story and about time travel.

Copies of the book and audiobook are available to pick up at TOTswag2theĀ Reference Desk. See you Tuesday May 26th at Napper Tandy’s at 7:30 pm to eat, drink, and talk about this suspense-thriller! And don’t forget, Titles on Tap pint glasses are available for $5!


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