Readers, you rock.

We had another great turn out for Titles on Tap at Napper Tandy’s last night. I’m stoked that there are so many enthusiastic readers in Norwood! Seriously, you all make being a librarian so worth it. Thank you!

ShiningGirlsAnd speaking of stoked, have you seen the trailers for our next book? We’re reading a mystery thriller for May 26th called “The Shining Girls” by Lauren Beukes. The book’s website is creepy in a cool way. This teaser trailer is worth a look, and the full trailer is great. If you don’t have goose bumps right now, then your volume must be muted (fix it).


And we all Shine On

ShiningGirlsStep 1: time-travelling serial killer. Step 2: victim survives and wants revenge. Step 3: Titles on Tap.

On Tuesday May 26th at 7:30 pm we’ll be meeting at Napper Tandy’s to talk about “The Shining Girls” by Lauren Beukes. Check out the book’s website to learn more about this genre-bending mystery thriller, and even watch book trailers. Don’t worry, we’re still meeting April 28th to discuss “The Leftovers” by Tom Perrotta, but if you want to get a jump on May, stop by the Reference Desk to pick up a copy of “The Shining Girls.”

If you have any questions about Titles on Tap, feel free to comment above, tweet us @titlesontap, or email me at Cheers!

Hmm, TV tie-in?

Hello folks! In case you haven’t heard, our Titles on Tap book for April will be “The Leftovers” by Tom Perrotta. No, it has nothing to do with the science experiment in your fridge. Perrotta imagines a world where The Rapture has actually happened, and people have disappeared – POOF! – without a trace. What happens to everyone who is left? To find out, pick up a copy of the book or audiobook at the Reference Desk and join us 4/28 @ 7:30 at Napper Tandy’s!

I have no idea how closely it follows the book, but “The Leftovers” has been made into a show on HBO!  It’s going into season 2. Extra points to whoever finishes the book and watches a few episodes before our meeting!